Publications Archive for 2004

Chemical synthesis and binding activity of the trypanosomatid cap-4 structure

By Lewdorowicz M., Yoffe Y., Zuberek J., Jemielity J., Stepinski J., Kierzek R., Stolarski R., Shapira M., Darzynkiewicz E.,

Published in RNA 10 (2004) 1469 -1478

Influence of electric charge variation at residues 209 and 159 on the interaction of eIF4E with the mRNA 5 ‘ terminus

By Zuberek J., Jemielity J., Jablonowska A., Stepinski J., Dadlez M., Stolarski R., Darzynkiewicz E.,

Published in Biochemistry 43 (2004) 5370 - 5379