Publications Archive for 2008

Adenosine 5′-Tetraphosphate Is a Highly Potent Purinergic Endothelium-Derived Vasoconstrictor

By Tölle M., Jankowski V., Schuchardt M., Wiedon A., Huang T., Hub F., Kowalska J., Jemielity J., Guranowski A., Loddenkemper C., Zidek W., Jankowski J., van der Giet M.,

Published in Circulation Research 108 (2008) 1100 - 1108

Synthesis and Characterization of mRNA Cap Analogs Containing Phosphorothioate Substitutions that Bind Tightly to eIF4E and are Resistant to the Decapping Pyrophosphatase DcpS

By Kowalska J., Lewdorowicz M., Zuberek J., Grudzien-Nogalska E., Bojarska E., Stepinski J., Rhoads R.E., Darzynkiewicz E., Davis R.E., Jemielity J.,

Published in RNA 14 (2008) 1119 - 1131

mRNA Decapping Is Promoted by an RNA-Binding Channel in Dcp2

By Deshmukh M.V., Jones B.N., Quang-Dang D-U, Flinders J., Floor S.N., Kim C., Jemielity J., Kalek M., Darzynkiewicz E., Gross J.D.,

Published in Molec. Cell 29 (2008) 324 - 336