Nucleotide labeling, conjugation and immobilization

Conjugation of nucleotides with fluorescent dyes, biological tags, proteins, resins or nanomaterias provides acces to versatile nucleotide-based research tools for biophysics and molecular biology. Moreover, conjugation of nucleotides with appropriate nano(bio)materials may increase their stability and bioavailability which are one of the main obstacles limiting nucleotide therapeutic applications.

We are trying to combine our experience in nucleotide chemistry with (fluorescent/nano/bio)-material chemistry to obtain functionalized mRNA cap analogs and other biologically relevant nucleotides with new desired properties. Such compounds may become research tools, diagnostic tools or nucleotide-based therapeutics.

  • The goals currently being pursued in our group concerning this rea of research are:
  • – Synthesis and application of nucleotide based affinity resins.
  • – Synthesis and application of fluorescently labelled or biotinylated nucleotides.
  • – mRNA cap analog cellular delivery through conjugation with Adenovirus Dodecahedron or encapsulation in microvessels
  • People involved

Renata Kasprzyk
Joanna Kowalska
Monika Nowakowska
Zofia Tomasiewicz
Krystian Ubych
Sylwia Walczak
Przemysław Wanat
Marcin Warmiński
Błażej Wojtczak


Joanna Kufel
Maciej Mazur
Ewa Szołajska and Jadwiga Chroboczek

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