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Welcome at the website of Jacek Jemielity Group at Centre of New Technologies and the Division of Biophysics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. Our group is interested in the chemical synthesis, properties and applications of modified nucleotides and nucleic acids. Our research encompasses improving methods for the chemical synthesis of nucleotide analogs, designing new modified nucleotides as tools for molecular biology and conjugating nucleotides to labels, tags and new materials. One of our particular interests, is development of eukaryotic mRNA cap analogs with potential medicinal applications.

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Undergraduate students wanted

We are looking for 2 candidates to fill undergraduate students' positions in a bioorganic chemistry field research project. More...

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We are looking for candidate to fill PhD student position in a bioorganic chemistry field research project. More information...

Asia’s Habilitation

Sincere congratulations to Joanna Kowalska, whom the Council of Chemical Sciences at the University of Warsaw awarded the habilitation...

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Synthesis and applications of phosphate-modified nucleotides
mRNA cap analogs for the preparation of chemically engineered mRNAs
Cap analog-based inhibitors of protein biosynthesis
Nucleotide labeling, conjugation and immobilization

Molecular Collection

Mononucleotide mRNA cap analogs with unmodified (oligo)phosphate moiety
Mononucleotide mRNA cap analogs with modified (oligo)phosphate moiety
enzymatically resistant inhibitors or translation
Reagent for the preparation of mRNAs with enhanced stability and translation efficiency β-S-ARCA

Recent Publications

Tricks and threats of RNA viruses – towards understanding the fate of viral RNA

By Łukasz Markiewicz, Karolina Drążkowska, Paweł J. Sikorski,

Published in RNA Biology (2021)

Structural Insights into the Interaction of Clinically Relevant Phosphorothioate mRNA Cap Analogs with Translation Initiation Factor 4E Reveal Stabilization via Electrostatic Thio-Effect

By Marcin Warmiński, Joanna Kowalska, Elżbieta Nowak, Dorota Kubacka, Ryan Tibble, Renata Kasprzyk, Paweł J. Sikorski, John D. Gross, Marcin Nowotny, Jacek Jemielity,

Published in ACS Chemical Biology 16 (2021) 334–343

Phosphodiester modifications in mRNA polyA tail prevent deadenylation without compromising protein expression

By Dominika Strzelecka, Mirosław Śmietański, Paweł J. Sikorski, Marcin Warmiński, Joanna Kowalska, Jacek Jemielity,

Published in RNA 26 (2020) 1815-1837

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